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Barbara Ciavarri

Barbara has over 40 years of formal teaching. Ballet and the art of movement are Barbara's passion and she says that dance is an infinite study. Barbara teaches her students at Performance Plus that Ballet is not only the basis of dance but also the core of all movement. Her goals are to share this with all of her students to help them excel not only in dance but in life as well. "Balance, posture, strength, stretch, musicality and self-awareness are valuable gifts that help us achieve a fulfilled life."

Her formal training included various sessions with Nancy Burheight, Hochstein School, Amy Blaisdell School of Ballet, Timothy Draper and Finis Jhung. Barbara continues her dancing at Brockport College, the David De Marie School of Dance and Liabrane Dance Company. Before her time at Performance Plus, Barbara was the director at the Rochester Academy of Dance Arts and also taught classes at All That Dancin'. She not only teaches Ballet but is also a certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor. 

When she isn't at the studio, Barbara enjoys her cats, gardening, swimming, and sewing. She would like to recognize special mentors Lisa Snape Avery and Finis Jhung of NYC. "A very special thanks to Patty Bellucco whom I've had the pleasure to work for, for the past 28 years. She has made my dreams of a Ballet program come true. Her directorship is second-to-none."

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