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Corinne Yancone

Corinne Yancone is a Rochester native and has been trained in the art of dance since she was 5. She received her BFA in illustration at Rochester Institute of Technology and is fortunate to have been able to combine her two passions in life- painting and dance. As an artist and entrepreneur, Corinne has learned to use movement, a physical expression from the heart, and translate that emotion onto canvas. Her expressive acrylic paintings are proudly displayed on a global scale and she loves using art to inspire the Rochester community. In 2018, Corinne created an artistic piece for the Rochester Fringe Festival, “The Painter”, which not only blended her live painting and the art of movement, but also created a unique opportunity for all dancers in the Rochester area to participate.


Corinne has been teaching for over a decade receiving numerous choreography and high score awards for her pieces. She attends local dance workshops, conventions and enjoys any opportunity to further her education in this beautiful art form. Corinne’s passion for dance is a driving force in her life and loves sharing that with her students. Her energetic and colorful personality shines through in all that she does.

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