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General Policies

Respect toward peers, teachers, and adults is expected from all students at all times. 


Please call the studio (392-5355) to report any absences before your scheduled class times. Soloists are required to report all absences prior to your scheduled class time. 

Class Placement

All students are placed in classes by the teacher's discretion with the student's best interest in mind for growth & acceleration. Students are constantly evaluated to ensure proper placement.

Dress Code

23-24 dress code.png

Competition & Company Students

All Competition students MUST make-up ballet classes if missed. Please review the schedule for days and times of available classes. 


Commitment, dedication, class attendance, and positive attitudes are required to be a part of the competition team. All competitions are mandatory. 


Yearly expectations and goals will be handed out to Company members and competition students at the beginning of the year.

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