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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Everyone must wear a mask entering the studio, in the waiting room and exiting the studio. Teachers will wear masks at all times. Students must wear masks in a group class if they are unable to social distance. Class size will be limited. We have all heard about being six feet apart, but when you are dancing you need to be 10 feet apart as exertion causes heavier breathing. 6 feet is fine at the ballet barre.

Anyone entering the studio will have their temperature taken with a touch-free thermometer. Anyone with a temperature 100.3 and above will not be allowed to dance and will have to go home. We encourage drop-off & pick-up for all students 8 and older. Hand sanitizer station for everyone coming into and going out of the studio, also during class and at the end of barre work.


  1. One parent only for dancers 7 and under may be allowed in the waiting room (no siblings), social distancing will be enforced for seating. 

  2. PPD will disinfect all surfaces throughout the day. Floors once a day. Ballet barres, door knobs and all surfaces dancers and teachers may touch will be sanitized before and after all classes.  UV Lamps will be used every evening in dance rooms.

  3. We encourage dancers to go to the bathroom before coming to the studio. Bathrooms are for emergencies only. We have added disposable toilet seat covers. Students must wash hands with soap and water.

  4. All teachers and Staff will have temperature checks before access into the studio and will follow all guidelines.

  5. All tuition payments will be taken remotely. Please set up your account.


The Do’s:

  1. All students should carry their dance shoes into class and put them on in the dance room. Take shoes off before leaving class. Ask parents to sanitize the bottom of the shoes prior to coming to class.

  2. Dancewear should be worn to and from class. No changing on premises.

  3. PPD will stagger entrance time into the studio to avoid lines.

  4. Parents will have to sign a release form saying they are sending their children to class without any symptoms of the virus and they will abide by all the rules and regulations implemented to protect all PPD students. 

  5. Water bottles with water only. No food, coffee or drinks allowed. 

The Dont’s:

  1. No access to dressing rooms

  2. No bags or other personal effects in the studio, except for dance shoes.

  3. No use of props, toys, or any objects that would be handled by more than one person.

  4. No bare feet. Shoes or socks with grips only.

  5. No observers in the studio. Students to be met by staff at the front door to check on masks and observe use of hand sanitizer.

  6. The water fountain is closed

  7. No hugging, hand shaking or close socializing before, during and after class.

  8. Any student Leaving NY and traveling to a high risk state must be quarantined, Per Gov Cuomo, and will not be allowed in the studio.


COVID-19 Symptoms


  • Dry Cough

  • Headache

  • Temperature more that 100.5

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Loss of smell or taste

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Diarrhea

Our teachers and staff are committed to teaching your children in a safe, healthy environment. Building self esteem is a vital part of our mission. We have the option to ZOOM classes at your discretion. Please let Patty know if you will be Zooming so we can set up your class and password online.  Thank you!

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