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Sienna "C.C." Jones

Sienna “C.C.” Jones has been training competitively at her local studio since she was eleven years old. Throughout her training, Sienna has been awarded national scholarships throughout the country from numerous conventions including Artist Simply Human, Soul de soul, Nuvo and 24 seven dance. Recently, Sienna has been accepted into the Soul Elite program;where she assists and works closely with the faculty of Soul de soul. In addition, Sienna was an award winning soloist chosen as a standout performer to perform in convention closing shows, title holder from the Invitational talent competition, and has been awarded a scholarship to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Currently, Sienna teaches dance around the Rochester area. She teaches for Performance Plus, Studio 19 Dance Company, and Idols Dance Company. To further her dreams as a dance teacher; She has trained with numerous choreographers including G Madison, Dj Smart, Alexander Chung, Jojo Gomez  etc. Sienna loves to perform on stage and share her passion for dance with others. Overall, Sienna loves creating a positive environment for her community to help fuel their passion. 

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